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Foodezze October, 2019

New York Chicken appoints Distributor in India

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          As part of its ongoing development and support to franchisees, New York Chicken has appointed Foodezze as a distributor for its proprietary and core items.
        Foodezze shall initially distribute products to franchisees from its facilities in Karnataka and as the New York Chicken operations expand, the distribution network will be expanded accordingly.
        Through Foodezze, franchisees shall benefit from more stable product prices due to the centralised procurement and economies of scale as well as shorter order lead times due to the availability of the products at Foodezze's storage facilities.

IMG-BLOG August, 2019

New York Chicken Launches Wings Product

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          As part of its ongoing menu development and innovation, New York Chicken has launched its latest product; NYC Wings.
        Available in crispy or glazed options, the wings are served with a choice of sauces including BBQ, buffalo and sweet chili. Crispy wings are hand breaded in the NYC breading mix while the glazed wings are directly fried plain in soybean oil. The initial wings product shall focus on bone-in chicken wings and shall later be expanded to include the boneless wings option. Depending on each region, localized sauce options may be available.

IMG-BLOG June, 2019

Deralakatte Welcomes New York Chicken

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          Residents of Deralakatte can now enjoy New York Chicken with the opening of the latest outlet. As one of the first international fast food chains to open in the area, there was a large response from customers during the opening.
        The outlet features a dining hall, party room and also serves customers through delivery. On the inauguration day, the first birthday party was hosted at the outlet. Customers can also order online through the major online delivery platforms.
          The outlet is owned and operated by A&M Associates who are planning a second outlet in the city of Mangalore.

IMG-BLOG March, 2019

Deralakatte to Host its First New York Chicken Outlet

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          The student town of Deralakatte is soon to host its first New York Chicken outlet. Nicknamed the Manipal of Mangalore, the town is situated on the outskirts of the bustling city of Mangalore. As a student town, Deralakatte is home to Nitte University, Yenepoya University, Kanachur Institute and Father Muller Medical College but to name a few. The outlet shall feature a dining area, party room and will serve dine in, take away and delivery orders. The branch is scheduled to open in April 2019.

IMG-BLOG March, 2019

New York Chicken enters India's Tech Hub of Bangalore

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          New York Chicken has opened its first outlet in the bustling technology hub of Bangalore. The branch is centrally located in Jayanagar District and aims to serve clients mainly through delivery and take out service. Commenting on the opening Muzammil AJ, Managing Partner of Supplius Foods, the franchisee for Karnataka stated "following the great success of the New York Chicken brand in India and in particular for delivery customers, we have chosen to enter the market in Bangalore and offer the unique menu and product to trendy Bangaloreans. The first branch is centrally located in the upscale neighborhood of Jayanagar. We have maintained our supply chain to Bangalore and will be serving certified Halal chicken as is the case with all our branches". Furrher new branches are currently under development in Mangalore.

IMG-BLOG Feb, 2019

Bangalore Soon to Welcome it's 1st New York Chicken Outlet

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          The thriving city of Bangalore is soon to have its first New York Chicken outlet. Located in the district of Jayanagar, the first outlet in Bangalore will serve customers through dine in, take out and delivery service. Commenting before the opening, Muzammil AJ - Managing Partner of Supplius Foods says "with the success of the brand in Manipal and Bhatkal, it was a natural step to enter a consomptolian city such as Bangalore. We are confident that the brand will be well received by Bangaloreans and have plans for further expansion throughout the city". The store set up and staff training is currently underway before the grand opening in the coming weeks. New York Chicken offers chicken sourced from certified and reputed Halal suppliers as well as a growing vegetarian menu. New York Chicken is planning to roll out new special dessert offerings in the next quarter.

IMG-BLOG Dec, 2018

New York Chicken Opens New Outlet in Bhatkal

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          As part of its ongoing expansion in India, New York Chicken has opened its new outlet in Bhatkal, Karnataka. The outlet serves both Halal chicken and vegetarian items and features a dedicated family section catering to the local norms. The outlet is located on the Main Bhatkal Road which is between the cities of Karwar and Udupi. Commenting on the opening of the branch, Muzammil AJ as Managing Partner of Supplius Foods stated "the initial response to New York Chicken offering in Bhatkal is promising in particular in relation to the outdoor catering orders for events such as weddings". To enhance the offering for catering events, New York Chicken is launched its program "Buffet of the Hudson" which features fried chicken, chicken strips, chicken pop and an extensive salad bar offering. The Buffet on the Hudson is planned to be rolled out in mid 2019. As part of its growth plans in Karnataka, Supplius Foods is developing a new branch in Jayanagar, Bangalore which is expected to open in the first quarter of 2019.

IMG-BLOG Dec, 2018

New York Chicken’s® International Foray into India and the Vegetarian Menu Development

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          With the international foray for New York Chicken® into India, there was a need to develop a menu that catered to the diverse and multi-cultural society in India. This task proved challenging given the nature of the brand and its focus on chicken. The New York Chicken® team worked closely with the franchise partner in India on this mammoth task. The menu was altered to include vegetarian options for the New Yorker, Brooklyn Double, Flaming Bronx and Big Apple BBQ as well as the Kid’s Meals. Furthermore, separate frying stations for vegetarian menu items were allocated in the kitchen to avoid any risk of cross contamination. The specialty sauces which typically use mayonnaise have been altered for the operations in India to use eggless mayonnaise in order to cater to the requirements of vegetarians. The results of the efforts have proven to be fruitful following the successful launch of the first branch in Manipal and the great response the brand has received since then and additional New York Chicken® branches are currently under development. The New York Chicken® team is working on developing a pipeline of localized products for India and the next product launch will be the Wall Street Rice Bowls!

IMG-BLOG 28 Aug, 2018

New York Chicken® Kicks Off its International Development in Karnataka State, India

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          Aug. 28, 2018 / PRZen / MANIPAL, India -- Taking its growth strategy to the next level, US based New York Chicken® has aggressive plans for international development. The brand announced plans to put down its roots in... Aug. 28, 2018 / PRZen / MANIPAL, India -- Taking its growth strategy to the next level, US based New York Chicken has aggressive plans for international development. The brand announced plans to put down its roots in India and initially develop restaurants in India's Karnataka State with Supplius Foods, a Restaurant Operator. The first restaurant will open in the second half of 2018 in Manipal, Karnataka. "In India there is a huge opportunity in the fast-casual chicken segment," said Muzammil A J, Managing Partner of Supplius Foods. "We were looking for a unique concept that would capture this opportunity and New York Chicken was just that. The attractive branding and design, as well as the outstanding food, gives us comfort that New York Chicken will be a success in India." With a committed pipeline of ten international New York Chicken restaurants to be developed, 2018 is shaping up to be the company's biggest year yet in the international market. The majority of the chicken and other items for the operation will be locally sourced as per the brand standards.


  • Our Health Conscious Choice

              New York Chicken has taken a step forward and rolled out the use of soybean oil in its operations. Soybean oil is extracted from soy beans and is a great source of healthy fats such as omega 3 and polyunsaturates. These health polyunsaturated fats are benefitial when replacing saturated and trans fats and can help in lowering bad cholesterol levels. Omega 3 is an essential acid and lowers inflammation and risk of arthritis and heart disease. They also promote mental health and other bodily functions. Keep that in mind when you're next taking a bite into a juicy New Yorker Burger or a crunchy piece of Manhattan Fried Chicken! We care for your health and that's why we are an East Coast favorite.

  • New York Chicken Launches Wallstreet Bowls

              As part of its localized menu for New York Chicken's operations in India, the Wallstreet Rice Bowls have been introduced. Using long grain Basmati rice with a different flavorings including biryani, schezwan and lemon pepper, the new product range is aimed at a localized offering. Rice Bowls are offered with four options; Manhattan Fried Bone-in Chicken, Manhattan Fried Chicken Strips, Chicken Pop and Vegetarian. The Wallstreet Rice Bowls will be introduced as a limited time offer. India get ready for this new product from the East Coast favorite, New York Chicken!





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