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New York Chicken’s® International Foray into India and the Vegetarian Menu Development

With the international foray for New York Chicken® into India, there was a need to develop a menu that catered to the diverse and multi-cultural society in India. This task proved challenging given the nature of the brand and its focus on chicken. The New York Chicken® team worked closely with the franchise partner in India on this mammoth task. The menu was altered to include vegetarian options for the New Yorker, Brooklyn Double, Flaming Bronx and Big Apple BBQ as well as the Kid’s Meals. Furthermore, separate frying stations for vegetarian menu items were allocated in the kitchen to avoid any risk of cross contamination. The specialty sauces which typically use mayonnaise have been altered for the operations in India to use eggless mayonnaise in order to cater to the requirements of vegetarians. The results of the efforts have proven to be fruitful following the successful launch of the first branch in Manipal and the great response the brand has received since then and additional New York Chicken® branches are currently under development. The New York Chicken® team is working on developing a pipeline of localized products for India and the next product launch will be the Wall Street Rice Bowls!


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